Endangered Downloads

I’ve posted an article in a few places commenting briefly on the implications of Github, Google and others (but notably not SourceForge) deciding not to offer downloads as a service to open source projects. My instinct tells me this is a warning sign; I’d be interested in your views.

Porn Summit Actively Harmful

The government clearly wishes to be seen to be doing something about the issues of children viewing pornography and of child pornography. To this end they have called a summit, to be chaired by Culture Secretary Maria Miller and attended by major Internet service providers. But the invite list conspicuously omits anyone representing actual citizens, the people creating and using the internet who would actually be affected.

Since the proposals will materially harm the Internet for everyone in Britain, that’s quite an oversight. That’s like only inviting postmen to a summit about hate mail.

Read more in ComputerWorldUK.

Beware Zombie Legislation

I’m pleased Nick Clegg has blocked the Communications Data Bill, but if we’re to avoid the same zombie bill coming back in the night for our brains we need to fill the vacuum it leaves. I explain more on ComputerWorldUK today.

Free Software Needs Support

(Just making sure that you can find everything I write with a single subscription!)

Meshed Insights Ltd

This open letter from the director of Bytemark Hosting is a call for other hosting companies to help financially support the development of a new free email client. It asserts that by supporting this particular project the industry as a whole can progress, becoming better able to compete with propriety software giants.

The principle seems valid enough, if you want a project to succeed, adding value to your own product, you need to give that project your support. Hopefully hosting companies will see this call, respond, and take its underlying principle on board. Read more in today’s CWUK article.

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Python – Why Is There Even An Issue?

English: Python logo Deutsch: Python Logo

Python logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As soon as I heard about the trademark dispute concerning Python, I tried to contact both sides and understand why there was even an issue. I got through straight away to the Python Software Foundation, but the other party – a UK company called POBox Hosting – waited until Monday afternoon to put me through to their CEO. The result was pretty extraordinary – someone in the hosting business who essentially hadn’t heard of Python until last Friday. Read about it on ComputerWorldUK.

Unitary Patent Over-simplified By IoS

The IoS may have uncritically picked up the messaging the UK’s “Intellectual Property Office” has been spreading, but the likely outcome of the unitary patent is likely to be much less savoury. Rather than helping small business, this new regulation introduces yet another threat against small business owners, especially those basing their business on open source software who have no corporate sugar-daddy to protect them. Read why on ComputerWorldUK.

CDB: Not Dead Yet

The Communications Data Bill may have come under heavy fire in Parliament, but it’s not dead yet – and it’s already cost us a fortune even without becoming law. Read more in ComputerWorldUK.

FOSDEM Picks 2013

On ComputerWorldUK, I’ve posted my picks for FOSDEM. I didn’t mention that I’ll also be speaking (about OSI) at the end of Saturday afternoon in the Free Java DevRoom.  I’ve still a few openings for 1:1 meetings too – let me know if you want to meet.  See you there!


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(While You Were Out, Again)

Today I have a roundup of the digital rights stories that caught my eye over the break, on ComputerWorldUK.

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