I am managing director of consulting firm Meshed Insights Ltd, and am available for consulting, speaking and writing engagements via the Contact Form. I frequently engage with and on behalf of their clients. I am also director of the property investment company Meshed Management Ltd. and of Public Software CIC.

I have previously been employed in public-facing roles by Sun Microsystems (now a wholly owned subsidiary of Oracle Corporation and renamed Oracle America), by ForgeRock, by IBM Corporation and by Wipro Technologies Ltd. Nothing I say here is necessarily the opinion of any current or former employer or, indeed, anyone else. In particular, I do not speak on behalf of The Document Foundation (see below) when writing on my personal sites.

All the opinions expressed on my sites are my own, and my opinion is not for sale. Where products are provided to me expressly for me to evaluate, I will mention that directly in the first article that discusses them. If you wish to send me a product for evaluation, please contact me for an address. Products cannot be returned and become my property to use or dispose of as I wish; if this is not acceptable, please do not send your product. I usually only publish reviews where I have a positive point to make in them, so it is possible your product may not be reviewed at all. You are only authorised to mention that you have supplied your product if I review it publicly. Sending me your product indicates acceptance of these terms.

Some of the links and content you will find on my sites relate to products where the producer or promoter provides support, in kind or financially. I do not make recommendations on the basis of this payment (which is tiny anyway). Here’s a list of current connections:

  • My writing is supported by generous patrons via Patreon, who also offer a bonus for introducing new members.
  • Amazon runs an affiliate programme, which pays a percentage of any sales generated by links from my sites to their sites. Links to Amazon.co.uk will generate commission payments from Amazon. These commission payments do not affect the amount you pay Amazon for goods. I am also sent free review items through the Amazon Vine programme, which will be disclosed as described above if mentioned.
  • My photographs are available for sale through iStockPhoto, who also pay a referral fee for each new customer acquired through my links.
  • I use Cafepress to sell products I have designed carrying artwork I have created. Cafepress may also pay commissions on sign-ups.
  • I occasionally use Uber for taxi services and they give an account credit when others claim their own account credit by citing my codes “uberwebmink” (in the USA) or “ubermink” (elsewhere) the first time a booking is made.
  • Our family uses Airbnb who offer credit both to us and to you when you follow that link.

I am currently involved in the following volunteer activities:

  • The Open Source Initiative (where I am an elected director and serve as Secretary).
  • The Document Foundation (where I was a member of the Membership Committee and am currently an elected deputy Director).
  • The Open Rights Group (where I am a member of the Board)
  • The Consul Democracy Foundation (where I am a member of the Board)
  • The Glebe Copse Trust (where I am a trustee and elected Chair)

I am currently associated with the following organisations:

I am routinely compensated by the following organisations:

  • I write for IDG InfoWorld.
  • I provide ad hoc consulting services and will disclose any material relationships in entries to which they relate.

I maintain a list of earlier involvements that have now ended.

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