♫ Music To Soothe A Wild Mink

§ I’m still listening to new music and it seems the proximity of SXSW is triggering a cascade of releases. Here are some samples from this week’s listening.

Loc Title Artist Comments
UK Need Love Dr Meaker Laid back jazz-blues-funk with female vocals, rather than the dance track you might expect.
USA The Deep and Lovely Quiet SubtractiveLAD Dreamy, slightly metallic echo-acoustic of the shoe-gaze, Engineers variety.  Would not be out of place in a Robert Rich concert.
USA Culpa De La Luna Rupa and the April Fishes Pretty delicious stuff – imagine early Madness as world music with female vocals and you’re maybe close
USA Let The Riverrun Carly Simon Verging on gospel, this is a great track from Carly Simon as she is now (rather than the blast from the past you usually get from her Best-Of fodder)

Let me know what you think – I’ll keep listening and if people like the reports I’ll keep posting too.

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