☞ Corporations and FOSS

  • “We’re really getting our grip around building a mission critical operating system that includes technologies from openSolaris that we’ve been working on for some time as well as technologies that we’ve more recently developed. … Solaris 11 will be a superset of what is in openSolaris.” Sounds like the rumours that Oracle was no longer going to engage in open source development of Solaris were true. The best it seems we can hope for is an act-of-grace over-the-wall drop of some of the source code to Solaris 11 after it’s released.
  • I really like this free album that Amazon US are providing as an introduction to the delights of the Benjy Davis Project. They have a great, laid-back surfer sound (think Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson) but with a band too. This will be worth paying for when it stops being free; as it is, it’s definitely worth your time to download it.
  • The Linux Foundation has marshalled its considerable corporate resources and allies to create an impressive compliance program to address the problem that they face from community members enforcing the GPL with gusto.
  • As OIN transforms into a wider community of businesses supporting free and open source development, it becomes more and more a valuable asset to software freedom. I’m very pleased to have ForgeRock join this community so that we can bring more patent safety to the communities we serve.
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