☞ Paved With Good Intentions

  • Yes, I get the fact the documents smear the war and that the US government spins the facts. I also get that there’s a damage control media campaign in progress. But this former General makes excellent points that I only see the Wikileaks people making indignant hand waving responses to. And I can totally see how the leaks advantage America’s enemies.
  • If this is true it undermines the whole transparency case Assange is making and shames everyone involved. Investigative journalism is not about enabling the enemy to kill more people, regardless of the war disgrace being exposed
  • While at first this sounds wonderful, it acts so fast that I have to wonder what other effects it might have. Still, I want some!

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  1. There are two points that are worth making in respect of the WikiLeaks action.

    First is that one major motivation in releasing these documents was the proof they provide, not that “civilians are dying” but the degree to which the NATO mission is not being transparent about civilian casualties, about how, when or why they occur. Had NATO shown the kind of transparency we should be able to expect, there would have been much less reason to release such material.

    Second is that WikiLeaks apparently did try to cooperate with US authorities to prevent informants’ details being leaked, and were rebuffed; and despite this, they have withheld many thousands of documents precisely in order to protect informants.

    It seems likely that there will be deaths due to the release of this material, but I’m not sure that the blame should be so one-sidedly placed on WikiLeaks.

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