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Geeks Vote Too

As the election in the UK approaches, I think it’s time to tell the people chasing our votes that actually we do understand the issues around digital liberty and we think it’s time for them to listen to us as well as the lobbyists. After all, we have votes and the lobbyists don’t.

I’ve designed the simple logo you see to the left. It’s meant to capture the idea that I’m a geek with a vote. During the election season, I intend to wear a badge with this logo, or at some events a t-shirt. I’d be delighted if other people did the same, and/or used the image online.

I’ve created an online store with a range of products carrying the logo so that it’s easy to get hold of them, but if you would prefer to make your own materials I’m placing the logo as close to the public domain as possible by licensing it under the new CC-Zero license. You are free to do whatever you want with this graphic; if you feel so inclined, please add a comment below showing how you’ve used it.


  • This graphic is licensed under CC-Zero CC Zero License Symbol
  • To the extent possible under law, Simon Phipps has waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to the Geeks Vote Too graphic. This work is published from the United Kingdom.
  • The source is an OpenOffice.org Draw file, using publicly available symbols.
  • The bitmap is also available.
  • The intended purpose is to signify a geek-with-a-vote-and-a-clue and use for other purposes is discouraged.
  • You are however free to use it in any way you wish, including for-profit uses without attribution.

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