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  • It’s good to see press coverage starting to appear about ACTA – hopefully the release of the current draft today will get more comment flowing. The article notably only includes comment from trade lobbying bodies and not from individual companies. To effectively challenge ACTA, we need to help businesses understand how they will be disadvantaged by it – by the removal of common-carrier status from ISPs for example, or by the probability that an employee error could be the third strike that cuts off the company internet connection – and get their weight behind opposition.
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  • Article documenting the frustration felt by the OpenSolaris community because of the complete drying-up of the flow of information on the future of the project. There is a strong sense in which this is an episode of coming to terms with the new cultural norms of a new owner, although I’m beginning to also detect a change of strategy that will also feed concern from the highly invested community members who are already engaged. Turbulent times with more change to come.
  • Really excellent use of HTML5 to explain HTML5. Well worth the time just to get an idea of the power of HTML5.
  • The results from a research project exploring how YouTube detects copyright violations. As you’d expect, it makes no attempt whatever to flag potential fair use of works it detects. The result is a system that goes beyond US law, removing the freedom to use works in ways that creatively or critically reuse existing works and giving copyright holders rights that the law won’t.

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  1. Simon,
    On the subject of HTML5 … if you want to add extra nails to the Flash coffin, take a look at this demo of HTML5 Canvas utilisation to manipulate video playback … http://www.craftymind.com/2010/04/20/blowing-up-html5-video-and-mapping-it-into-3d-space/

    Hopefully the days of Flash are numbered and the open, standardised solutions will win thru 😉


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