☞ Unexpected Influences

  • Andrew Sullivan points to a fascinating article on Asperger’s. The role of Asperger’s Syndrome in the technology industry is reasonably obvious to many of us, but is rarely mentioned directly. The role of “the other normal” in shaping today’s society is far stronger than is generally acknowledged. The computer industry depends heavily on people with the focussed brilliance that comes from Asperger’s, and it’s high time we learned to consider it in a balanced and honest way.
  • It’s common to assume that Russia or China must be the source of most spam, but it continues to be the dubious distinction of the United States to saturate the world’s in-boxes with detritus. If they’d put as much effort into stemming spamming and scamming as thay have into getting us all to sell our rights down the river at ACTA we’d all be in much better shape.
  • I need to check in with my Brazilian friends, but this looks very positive. Removing someone’s internet liberty is something very serious in an age when so much commerce and democracy is conducted over the internet, and it’s good that a court has to be involved before it can happen.
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