☞ For A Topic That’s A “Futile Debate”, A Lot Of People Seem Interested

  • Pamela picks up both my article and Mark’s and asks the obvious question. For the record, Mark is wrong to assert that I think only copyleft licenses are proper open source licenses. As for the “what does freedom mean” question Pamela is asking, that one will run and run and is at the root of the division between the BSD-ish and GPL-ish approaches.
  • Open Core Is Not A Crime
    “I appreciate why advocates of software freedom are wary of open core. It does perpetuate proprietary software licensing, and it does so via open source. But that does not make it a crime. And a considerable amount of code has been contributed to the commons by open core vendors. Meanwhile even those that would wish to do something to remedy the situation are without the means to do so. Hence the endless and futile debate.”
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