♫ Two Favourites in the UK

If you are a UK resident located in the UK (yes, Amazon really has bolted its service down that tightly here), there are free tracks by two of my absolute favourite artists available at the moment.

I ordered the new album Perfect Darkness [US] by Fink as soon as I saw it was being released (it’s out in 10 days in the US). I think his earlier album Distance and Time [US] is just brilliant, especially This Is The Thing [US], and find his stripped back, smoked bluesy sound captivating. You can get the title track from Perfect Darkness free from Amazon UK; sadly there’s only one track on mflow, Makers. There is actually a different Fink track free on Amazon US, Revolution.

On the other hand, as I wrote before, I’d assumed Lamb were roast, so to speak. I’ve been really enjoying the richer, smoother sounds on their comeback album 5 [US] and you can get a free track from it on Amazon UK, Last Night The Sky, with the strong yet beautifully uncertain voice and lyrics of Lou Rhodes. No free US tracks that I can find, sorry.

Obviously the links are going to corrode and the tracks will stop being free, so apologies if you found this with a search some time long after I posted it 🙂

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  1. That Lamb track is great, thanks for the pointer. First I’d heard from them.

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