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  • The Internet never forgets.
  • A more detailed article explaining the problem VLC is having with companies using not just the code (which they are free to do) but also the reputation of an open source project as part of dubious business practices. This is a massive problem for the most famous open source brands, and I am especially worried that there’s no-one protecting OpenOffice.org end-user from these sorts of scams at present or, as far as I can tell, any time in the near future.
  • The arrangement to prop up SUSE continues.
  • A patent application published by the USPTO last Thursday reveals that Microsoft has been researching, since before December 2009, how to redirect VoIP calls to intercept devices and law enforcement agents. The method disclosed by the patent application is devious—subverting routing protocols so that packets sent by any person tagged by a monitoring request will be routed through a recording agent.”

    Guessing this is not just a speculative filing. It covers all uses of VoIP including in-game and via-IM.

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  1. […] yang sangat besar bagi pengguna untuk masuk ke link yang dibuat oleh para scammer. Simon Phillips menulis bahwa ia pernah merasa khawatir akan tidak adanya perlindungan bagi end-user OpenOffice dari scam […]

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