☞ Extension of Power

  • Alert To Activists: Customs Enforcement of IPR
    “This is a very worrying development. Borders are places with arbitrary rules, over-empowered and unaccountable officers and no recourse for victims. It is simply wrong to give open-ended powers regarding arguable and intangible “infringements” to these people.”
  • Amarino – “Android meets Arduino”
    Fascinating toolkit to allow open hardware hackers to integrate Android devices into their schemes.”
  • Patent trolls cost inventors half a trillion dollars
    “If we needed any further proof that the patent system has undergone thorough and irreversible “regulatory capture”, surely this has to be it? Isn’t the last remaining political justification for them that they “promote innovation”?”
  • Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options
    “Longer (and in my view substantially more complex and less readable) than the US Constitution, and changing so often I can’t keep track of it. Do Facebook want to prevent us controlling our own privacy by making it too complex to manage?”
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