✈ Mandatory Car Share?

Mandatory Car Share, première mise en ligne par webmink.

Is it a requirement for users of this parking garage in Paris to share their cars with others?

[Note to non-geeks: “GPL” in software is a popular open source license that requires software developers to share their work with others]
[Note to geeks: Yes, I am very well aware that “GPL” means liquified petroleum gas in French]

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  1. It just means this entrance is for cars only : you’re not supposed to walk in through this one.

  2. Well, you don’t have to share your car, but you do have to share the source code for building it 😉

    From a quick look online, it appears to be liquefied petroleum gas (but the French obviously rearrange the letters). TBH, I can’t say I’d blame them. I’m sure they’ve had some shoddy ones leak 🙂

    • D’oh! Sorry, prohibition sign, so you’re specifically not allowed to share the source code. Damned proprietary supporters!

  3. GPL is French for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which are (incorrectly) though of as an explosion hazard. The text below explains the prohibition is only for LPG cars without a safety valve.

  4. GPL = Gaz Petrolium Liquifié (liquified petroleum gas, or liquid propane). It says it underneath: “Prohibited for GPL cars without safety valve” (it should say “no LPG cars”).

  5. I’m more intrigued by prohibition on cars not equipped with a “soupape”. “Pape” is “pope”, so I guess that could be a reference to RMS. “soupape” must mean “underpope”. Who would that be? Eben?

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