☆ Thanks, ECJ!

While the USA has a day of general thanksgiving today, European citizens need to be especially thankful to the European Court of Justice for their decision that it is not lawful to require ISPs to monitor traffic on the networks they provide their customers. The actual ruling asserts:

EU law precludes the imposition of an injunction by a national court which requires an internet service provider to install a filtering system with a view to preventing the illegal downloading of files

Such an injunction does not comply with the prohibition on imposing a general monitoring obligation on such a provider, or with the requirement to strike a fair balance between, on the one hand, the right to intellectual property, and, on the other, the freedom to conduct business, the right to protection of personal data and the freedom to receive or impart information

LQdN has a good summary of the meaning of this decision, as does TechnoLlama.

And happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends!

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