☝ Let The Bible Go Free!

News emerged Friday that the British government intends to send a copy of the Bible (along with some immortal words penned by Michael Gove) to every school in the country. Rather than doing that, I would prefer them to reform copyright for the digital age so that school children can quote from the Bible in their (computer-mediated) school work without breaking the law.  Read more over at ComputerWorldUK.

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  1. Do the schools also get copies Darwin’s Origin of Species, and let’s say some of Newton’s and Hawking’s work? All good Brits, too.
    The collective historical perspective is awesome.
    I also agree with the copyright note – that’s really important particularly for education.

  2. I would also advise sending a copy of the Koran, and suitable extracts from the Tipitaka and various hymns of the Rg Veda and other such focal points of human religious life, so people get the opportunity to see just how many forms the religious impulse takes. Oh, and various Roman, Greek, Old English and Old Norse sstories as well.

    Reform of the copyright law would also be nice, but we can’t expect universal outbreaks of sanity amongst politicians – the satirists at the BBC and the like – Yes, Minister! – still have to earn their pennies.

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