☆ A Tax Whose Time Has Come

Dubbed “the world’s most popular new tax”, this proposal has gathered an amazing breadth of support globally, including world political and business leaders. Indeed, France and Germany are both committed to implement it during 2012 (although we need to scrutinise their commitments carefully looking for loopholes). It sounds like one of the things that should be on the political agenda for any elections that might be happening this year, no?

A tiny tax of a fraction of a fraction of a percent on all speculative bank transactions that don’t involve members of the public (read: high-stakes gambling with other people’s money)? That will raise in excess of £100 billion each year? From people whose insensitivity and abuse of society seems to have no bounds? That sounds splendid. I signed up.

[youtube http://youtu.be/qYtNwmXKIvM]

Seems there’s a Canadian page too.

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