Nesting Time

Are Nest Labs through to open ground at last? After its brush with an especially unpleasant patent troll, the tide seems to be changing for the makers of the Nest Learning Thermostat who have been able to get both Apple and Amazon to carry it in the USA. If you’ve not seen it before, do take a look – it’s a smart domestic heating controller that learns your lifestyle patterns and programs itself to manage your heating (and cooling) efficiently. It’s a product I would really like to try, but there’s no sign it’s heading to Europe at the moment.

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  1. Unfortunately they don’t support the new “smart” A/C units that have 2 stage cooling… so while I’d like to get it, I’d be less efficient with it…

    • All a mystery to us here in the UK, where the weather is once again driving wind & rain and you need two layers of clothes just to walk to the car…

  2. Also, unfortunately, they don’t have an API for their thermostat, so it’s a walled garden in which you can’t get your data out of, or iteract with it with open tools. I’ve emailed them a few times about it, and they have no plans to change that.

    • Thanks – that’s far more of a problem. Hard to see how that will be a sustainable position in a world with so much open hardware hacking.

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