What is a Higgs Boson? I think this animation from PHD Comics is brilliant.


If you like this, support the people who made it (I didn’t!) by buying their latest book, “Adventures in Thesisland: The Fifth Piled Higher and Deeper Comic Strip Collection” on Amazon.Com or Amazon.Co.Uk.

How ACTA Nearly Won

ACTA was defeated today in the European Parliament, but one British Liberal-Democrat MEP voted for it. Understanding why helps us to understand how the political system needs fixing for the internet age. Please read my long article in ComputerWorldUK to see why.

ACTA Needs You

Just posted on ComputerWorldUK – why you need to call or write to your MEP now, ahead of Wednesday’s vote on ACTA, and how to do it.

By the way, is anyone else concerned that it takes an international call to contact your political representatives for Europe? It ought to be a UK call, surely?

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