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    Dear Simon, (Before I start I want to note that your writing was very well worded and was impressive, very informative) I would like to know, what is the difference between the 3G model of the chromebook and the standard $250 wi-fi chromebook. Excuse me if my assumption is wrong, but with the 3G I am assuming can you access internet anywhere? I travel A LOT. Lets say, 5 times a week. So the 2 days I am at home with my precious wi-fi i could access internet but i would absolutely love if i could access internet during the 5 days I am away from home. What can I do to do this? Do I have to purchase the 3G? Do I have to purchase anything on top of the 3G? Please explain to me. It would very appreciated if you respond.

  2. Thank you so much…..It seems I heard somewhere that you can only use verizon? Is that true? Because I use AT&T.

    • The 3G model in the US comes with 2 years of prepaid Verizon service included. No idea whether it is locked to Verizon; mine was bought in the UK and is not locked, I have used it on T-Mobile in the UK and SFR (Vodafone) in FRance.

  3. Like the article! Question about security – since ChromeBook is like an enterprise mobile device, can it be secured with a password, local files encrypted, offline local files backed up (obviously other than google drive files), remote wipe capability, located on a google map (if lost), passwords to apps hidden, VPN capability, etc.

    Other random question – we work with a lot of word documents that include tracked changes. How does this translate over to google docs? Can one see the tracked changes? Make new changes and deliver Word docs back?, etc.

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