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MariaDB FoundationI’m pleased to tell you that I have a new role that I’ve already started within the scope of Meshed Insights. It’s a new and exciting departure for me.

I’ve remained in touch with Monty Widenius ever since we were both at Sun together. At the start of the year, he asked if I would consider helping him move the MariaDB Foundation forward as an independent steward of the MariaDB database project. I agreed, and recently accepted his request to join the board of directors for the new Foundation, along with several others. To allow Monty to focus on the technical aspects of MariaDB, I also agreed  to the new Board’s request to take on a part-time role as the interim chief executive of the Foundation, at least until a member-elected Board is seated.

We just published a news release about this, which you’ll also find at MariaDB.org. I’m very excited by the opportunity to help this important open source software community devise representative governance. I expect every individual who has made substantial contributions to MariaDB to have a role in the governance process and in the future Foundation too; more of that soon.

But most importantly, I want to hear from every company that values MariaDB and wants to see it have a stable, secure, independent future. We need you as a sponsor – either engaged in governance or simply making financial (or other) contributions to the community. Please contact me now – MariaDB needs you!

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  1. Congratulations!

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  3. Congratulations, this sounds like a good fit for all concerned.

  4. […] les mains libres pour se focaliser sur la partie technique, comme nous l’indique Simon Phipps sur son blog. Sont également nommés Andrew Katz, un spécialiste des questions juridiques, qui reste le […]

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