Heartbleed and Lessons Learned

Here’s my column from Issue 4 of Linux Voice magazine. Currently working on the column for issue 6.

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HeartbleedWe’ve had some time for the shock of the Heartbleed announcement to sink in and there’s a lot to consider. While the first impressions might be about the serious, exploitable bug and the repercussions of its abuse, the incident casts light on both the value and risks of open source.

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  1. If you look at the bug tracker recently https://tinyurl.com/pzsremc openssl folks have done a great effort to accept or close bugs running since the beginning of their bug tracker.

    Its good to finally see this dumping ground of fixed and documentation enhancements actually used. Thanks Rich Salz and the rest of the openssl team,

  2. […] colleague and noted open source advocate Simon Phipps recently reblogged to his webmink blog a piece that was originally written for […]

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