FLOSS Weekly on Baserock

I was co-host on today’s FLOSS Weekly episode, about the Baserock continuous integration system for Linux (and also the amazing 8 CPU/32 core Baserock Slab server slice that’s come out of the development activity) developed by UK engineering company Codethink.


[youtube http://youtu.be/OeBG59cNRhU]

FLOSS Weekly on JasperSoft

I was co-host on FLOSS Weekly again this week, and the guest was the community manager from JasperSoft, who make Jasper Reports and other business intelligence software. Oh, and it was Talk Like A Pirate Day.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DM8MWCtsQw]

Solving NP-Complete Problems?

In preparing for the interview with the Java-based Drools Planner on FLOSS Weekly, my attention was grabbed by the claim it can solve NP-complete problems. You’ll need to watch the show to see how that worked out!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL-URSfYduA]

☝ FLOSS Weekly 204 – DeltaCloud

Randal and I interviewed David Lutterkort from the Apache DeltaCloud Project yesterday on FLOSS Weekly and the show is already live for online viewing and listening. DeltaCloud is an abstraction layer that allows you to write cloud applications that are cloud platform independent, so you are both future-proof and not locked in. It’s an interesting project and we had a good discussion – check out the show.

☆ Open Rights Group on FLOSS Weekly

Tomorrow (November 23rd) I’ll be visiting Jim Killock, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group (the UK’s answer to the EFF), and interviewing him on FLOSS Weekly in another Brit Invasion show with Dan Lynch. I’d be pleased to ask him any questions you may have; leave a comment here or send me e-mail.

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