☆ New ventures: OpenDJ, FossAlliance

Friday was a busy day full of news for me. After an exhausting day full of conference interventions on Thursday at Open World Forum (a total of five), Friday was the day that I was free to announce both OpenDJ and FossAlliance.

OpenDJ from ForgeRock

OpenDJ is the next addition to our product family at ForgeRock. It is a highly scalable directory server written entirely in Java. It deploys easily into any Java EE application server, is fully LDAP compliant and is rich in features. It meshes beautifully with our OpenAM access management, federation, authentication and authorisation server. It’s entirely open source and may be freely deployed with the confidence that ForgeRock have subscriptions available when needed.

If it sounds familiar, it may be becuase it is based on the OpenDS project Sun used to work on. My old colleague Ludovic Poitou has joined ForgeRock to look after it for us, and I am keen to see a co-developer community grow around it in addition to the substantial deployer community that is now free to migrate from OpenDS to OpenDJ. There’s plenty more about it in the press release and FAQ.

Open Source Consulting from FossAlliance

On a more personal note, over the last few months I have received more and more requests for advice and help from a range of organisations. I’ve joined with several trusted long-term friends to form a consulting alliance for and about free and open source software, called FossAlliance. It provides a “one stop shop” delivering a full range of help, from training to strategic consulting, policy-setting, migration, community engagement and everything else in between – even marketing. We’re able to deliver these services through our alliance of companies, carefully balanced to deliver the full range of engagements.

I’ve also received a large number of speaking engagement requests and now work with a facilitator to arrange engagements. Hopefully these changes will help make life smoother without affecting the building momentum.

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