State Of The Rat Technology

While we’re on the subject of mandatory filtering, here’s the sort of technology we are talking about in action:

The original State Of The Rat Technology:

Now removed, the original post that triggered this page was from the owner of a mole rat complaining that her photos of her rat were being incorrectly tagged as pornography and consequently her account kept getting blocked.

Political content is so easy to spot:

That reference database is spot on defining ownership:

History and classics are not always PC:

☞ Status.Net Finds Twitter’s Missing Business Model

  • The flexibility and open source code of Status.Net make it a natural vehicle for internal/private network micro-blogging (we hope to use it in ForgeRock and it was the basis for the internal microblogging in Sun), for parallel-network microblogging and for free-form data-bus applications. The federated capabilities mean that those experiments can easily leverage the rest of the distributed Status.Net community.

    The result? Status.Net already has a corporate penetration that should be making Twitter’s management drool with envy, and Evan & co have only just started exploring the potential. The distributed, community-based, open-by-rule web is going to win in the end and it’s Status.Net not Twitter – yes, free software – proving it.


  • Useful charts from O’Grady. Analysing e-mail like this has been a valuable trend indicator for a long time. I’m especially interested in how Sun’s open source involvement grew after I started as COSO 🙂
  • I really think Gerv should submit the Poetic License for OSI approval, even it does mean one more license.
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