☞ Transparency, Privacy and Genius

  • Noble words that, if truly implemented, take Britain down a path to open governmnet and citizen scrutiny. But only if “transparency” actually means “open data”. We don’t need summaries, PDF, printouts and other indigestible publication. We need the data in machine-readable, current form so that citizens can process the data and discover the real-time truth about the country. It’s great that there’s an advisory board (can I join it or is it a closed club?) but there also needs to be an ombudsman with power to fix problems. My summary: fantastic news if it’s true, but Tory opposition to the Digital Economy Act wasn’t and I won’t believe this until I see it either.
  • “There are real privacy issues to be faced in the data collected by web companies. But they are part of a far bigger picture of how the world is changing. We need thoughtful understanding of what the real risks are, not finger pointing by the media (and even more frighteningly, by members of Congress) at companies that are easy targets because they make good political theater.” — Or as Scot NcNealy put it much more concisely, “You have no privacy – get over it.”
  • “Creativity is akin to insanity, say scientists who have been studying how the mind works. ” – It’s all on a continuous scale, just like other important factors in our psychology.
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