☞ Open Core Diminishes Freedoms

  • This was the received wisdom among the senior VPs at Sun just before the fall of the company. While there is a marginal justification for adding some closed software at the periphery of a large open source project, having a hobbyist-featured core that’s open source and then putting everything you need for the move to production in closed add-ons denies the basic software freedoms that make open source so appealing to business.

    It must be treated as equally toxic as the proprietary products open source displaced and which open core mimics. Avoid suppliers who idolise it.

  • MySQLer Henrik Ingo finds Mårten Mikos’ assertions about open core wanting: “open core does not qualify as open source, as per the definition. It is closed source. It is the opposite of open source.”
  • Brian Aker comments on Mickos’ plans at Eucalyptus and finds them wanting.
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