☞ Open Source Dynamics

  • “just as we shouldn’t worry about the lack of “billion dollar” pure play open source software firms, we should also not fall sway to the complaints of companies who are being disrupted by these models, about how all that money they make is somehow “disappearing” if the government doesn’t come in and protect their business model” — I might even go so far as to assert that a billion-dollar open source company would be the sign that your software freedom was at risk…
  • “Why isn’t the open crowd more open-minded?” — Another person observing the indisputable fact that the open source and free software worlds are rife with sectarianism. To answer the question, it is a consequence of the passion people have combined with the nature of the issue and the one fact no-one feels free to seriously mention, the fact that much of the brilliance in the community is a consequence of the focus that Aspergers delivers.
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