☞ Packaging Redux

  • This post, effectively a manifesto for the next generation of packaging, is well worth reading as Matt articulately describes the same issues that led the OpenSolaris team to develop IPS.
    His solution differs – not one ring to bind them all, but rather a decoupling of cooperating package management approaches so that appropriate solutions can address specific needs. This is a call to order that deserves a serious, collective, non-partisan response.

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  1. Hi Simon,

    what’s IPS?

    Do not assume that everybody following you (I got the link via Identi.ca) has a strong OpenSolaris background and next time please put the required link right from the start. Thanks. 🙂

    • The posting was an auto-post from Delicious so there’s no scope for that. IPS is the replacement package management system in OpenSolaris.

  2. Thanks for the link and thoughtful commentary, Simon. I haven’t taken a close look at IPS yet and am interested in how it fits into the picture.

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