☞ Maturity and Misbehaviour

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  • O’Grady has come to the same conclusion that I did at OSCON, namely that the “open source bubble” may be over – the period where it was assumed open source would be directly monetised – and it’s time for a resurgence of the traditional approach of many parties with their core business elsewhere synchronising fragments of their interests with fragments of the interests of others. The announcement of OpenStack was iconic, but there were plenty of other signs once I’d started looking for them.

    There’s naturally plenty of scope for variety, but I am certain that businesses whose leverage of open source extends only to the licence and not the community will find it increasingly hard to survive. Those whose revenue is derived from software must have models that at worst cope with and at best leverage the presence of many interests in the communities upon which they depend.

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  • Oracle shut down its three PostgreSQL build farm servers without warning…”If they had given us, say, three months warning, I’d have been less peeved,” Dunstan told iTnews. “It can’t have been costing them much – the thing pretty much runs itself, and they can’t be short on hardware.”
  • “Intel’s rebates amounted to 38 per cent of Dell’s operating profit in the fiscal year 2006, and rose to 76 per cent (or $720m) in one quarter alone, Q1 2007. While almost all of the Intel funds were incorporated into Dell’s component costs, Dell did not disclose the existence, much less the magnitude, of the Intel exclusivity payments.” — Entirely jaw-dropping disclosure shows Dell was not the profitable behemoth it appeared. I wonder just how much of this Intel has done over the years?
  • “Do you know where your data is in the cloud?” Fascinating map to explore that summarises the privacy legislation in each country around the world.
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