☞ Transparency: Wrong and Right

  • If you thought there was something fishy about the European Commission engaging in secret negotiations at ACTA behind the backs of the European Parliament and against the interests of Europe’s digital society, you’d be right. I missed this when it was first posted back in April, but it turns out that the Commission sought permission to negotiate not from a relevant part of the Council of the EU such as trade or competitiveness, but from the Fisheries committee.The whole matter around ACTA – both the negotiations and the mandate of the negotiators – is a disgrace to modern democracy, hidden from scrutiny both of citizens and their elected representatives, with the goal of establishing by fait accomplis a set of precedents that will over-rule the instinctive and correct misgivings that we all have about the creation of legislation to protect broken business models in perpetuity.

  • Yes, all that work many of us across Europe put in to call MEPs and ask them to sign Written Declaration 12 succeeded and at the 11th hour it has become the ratified position of the Parliament.
  • The process to revise the Mozilla Public Licence is well under way – today the team released their “Alpha 2” draft, and invite inspection and comment.
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