☞ Governments Protecting Outdated Business Models

  • Good pointer here by Glyn to an action we can take to check the effects of pro-patent lobbying in Europe. He misses a trick when he doesn’t point out that even RF licensing of patents in standards can be toxic to open source.

    If the patent holder uses a non-royalty-based restriction – such as the requirement that all legal entities must register for a no-charge license – the lack of a single legal entity to take that action for many open source communities makes it a show-stopper. Worse, if any license so obtained is non-sub-licensable then even the existence of a legal entity would still mean an insurmountable practical barrier existed for the project. Any implicit requirement that the license was necessary would also breach the terms of the license for many projects.

    In summary: RF is only of if it means “restriction-free”, not “royalty-free”.

  • Shameful action by the European Commission, who are pressing for patent infringement to be included in the scope of ACTA.
  • If Ruby on Rails is a bit ambitious for you, why not build your next project in Cobol on Cogs?
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