☞ New Models

  • Excellent and honest account from Cory of his experiment in self-publishing. From reading this it’s clear that there is still a roll for publishing agents – notably in securing volume pricing for physical books and in managing promotion. All the same, it’s early days.
  • This would have been unthinkable as recently as a decade earlier.
  • One point to make about this; MPEG-LA will undoubtedly assert this initiative is encumbered too and attempt to create a FUD-y patent pool arround it.
  • Probably only a temporary setback for the music industry intermediaries though. Their greed overwhelms any attempt to see through the situation and understand there’s a change in society going on rather than malefactors at work, and they will be sure to continue to persecute potential customers until copyright law is changed.
  • About time too. The current “legal cartel” arrangement in Europe is a severe inhibitor to the emergence of the next stage of the connected society as it means people will only risk being mobile and connected when in their own area. I’ll believe it when I see it though, the vested interests here are very powerful and pay many lobbyists.
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