☆ Baby Owls

Scops OwlWe have owls in the woods around here. I love going to and from the office after dark and hearing the sound of them going about their business (and competing with our cats for mice).

A friend of ours put up an owl box last year which has a family living in it this spring. It looks like four eggs hatched yesterday so today there are four small balls of light grey owl-fluff huddling in the centre of the nest.

Our friend has just started publishing the video feed so we can all watch the eggs hatch and the owlets grow up. If you’d like to watch along with us, the video is on justin.tv.

☝ Switzerland Celebrates Document Freedom Day

How did Document Freedom Day go for you? If you need a reminder about it, I wrote about why document freedom matters a month or so ago. But I note that in Switzerland there’s been a setback against openness. Read my views over on ComputerWorldUK.

☞ Android

☞ Don’t Panic

  • Amazing they can say all this without noting that the very same technique used by an individual stopped by the TSA/DHS/FBI/DEA would lead to prosecution for obstruction of justice and destroying evidence (and quite possibly a beating).
  • Kodak first showed their hand as patent troll against Sun – a company in which they had previously invested – and have gone on to try to fund their ongoing terminal failure by taking potshots at the success of others. The latest victims are Apple and RIM, and until patent law gets changed this undeserved tax on innovation and success will continue.
  • This article in The H has extensive comments by me that lay our my views pretty well in the context of a useful overall perspective on all that unites the software freedom communities.
  • Very interesting VoIP client which seems to have all the features of Skype but is GPL and available for Windows and Linux too. While some comments I’ve received call it “open core” I can’t see any features in the software that differ between the standard and Pro versions.

☂ Updated Events List

Events bookings have become busy lately and I realise I need to put more data online. I’ve been working on the About and Events Booking pages on the site and in the process have added a Past Events page which I’ll gradually populate with details of the events where I’ve spoken.

✈ San Francisco and The Bay Bridge

I’ve been quite lucky with shots taken from aircraft. My photo of Mount Shasta has been purchased by a publisher as an illustration in a geology textbook, and my photo of the San Francisco Bay salt pans has been used to make fabric for an exhibition in San Jose. I still try to get a window seat if I know I will be traversing interesting areas.

☝ Avoiding Skype

As you may recall from my links a few days ago, I actively avoid using Skype. I’ve explained why in more detail over on ComputerWorldUK today.

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