☞ Community Effects

  • LibreOffice 3.3.2 is being released just one day after the closing of the first funding round launched by The Document Foundation to collect donations towards the 50,000 euro capital needed to establish a Stiftung in Germany. In five weeks, the community has donated twice as much, i.e. around 100,000 euro.

    Unleash true community and the result is a flood of contribution of all kinds. I now run only LibreOffice and have deleted the “safety copies” of OO.o from my machines.

  • Good primer on what’s wrong with centralised services on the web and what we can do to prevent them becoming control points that leech away our freedoms.
  • When a large business stalls, it falls back onto dirty tricks and ethically questionable but legal moves to generate cash and scare competitiors. Microsoft has been in this state for quite some time. Watch for them to explain how they still love open source but… (looking at you, Gianugo)
  • Richard Stallman does not believe that copying the headers alone from a GPLed file creates a derivative work.
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