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☆ Document Foundation Member

Having applied for membership as soon as the process was announced, I’m honoured to have been accepted today as a Member of The Document Foundation. Having been associated with OpenOffice.org for over a decade in a variety of capacities, I have a deep appreciation of what has been achieved both technically in creating a cross-platform productivity suite and politically in challenging what looked like an entrenched monopoly.

Today, LibreOffice and ODF have a maturity and global acceptance that even those of us imagining the possibilities at the start of the previous decade could not have anticipated. I look forward to working with the Steering Committee and the rest of the community to continue the amazing achievements to date.

☂ Transparency and Privacy Article Available

I’ve edited the article on balancing transparency and privacy in open source communities that appeared here and on CWUK earlier to reflect conversations on identi.ca and elsewhere and you’ll now find it in the Essays section.

☞ Mobile Issues

☝ Open Source Landmark

News just broke jointly from the US Department of Justice and the German Federal Cartel Office that they have directed CPTN to change the way they acquire Novell’s software patents so that the open source community is protected, just as OSI and FSFE requested

Read my views  on CWUK.

☞ Sweetness and Strength

  • “I have eliminated refined sugar from my diet and eat as little as I possibly can,” Thompson told me, “because I believe ultimately it’s something I can do to decrease my risk of cancer.” Cantley put it this way: “Sugar scares me.”

    The Lustig video first alerted me to this issue, and the more I hear about it, the harder I try to eliminate sugar from my diet. This article is very long but I think it’s very important and I urge you to take the time to read it.

  • The Document Foundation points out the one glaring omission from Oracle’s statement about OpenOffice.org – there is already a community actively taking the project forward. Donations would clearly be more than welcome, though, and TDF is now open for membership applications.
  • I’m confirmed as a speaker at FISL this year. FISL is one of the world’s largest software freedom events and certainly the most important in South America. If you can make it, do so!

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