☞ Betrayals

  • A Legacy at Risk: How the new Ministry of Culture in Brazil reversed its digital agenda

    a new generation that has risen for the first time to debate the future of culture and technology policies in Brazil. Inadvertently, the new Minister Ana de Hollanda is contributing to the emergence of new generation of voices online. One now can only hope that she will eventually listen to them.

    A sad betrayal – by the same political party that originally cultivated it – of the hard work and enthusiasm so many creative and generous people have invested to date. I hope Ana de Hollanda has the courage to attend FISL this summer and hear first-hand how Brazil’s digital natives feel about her sell-out to the recording industry. I for one would love to speak with her.

  • Rather surprised to see Oracle pulling out of OpenOffice so soon (because that’s what this press release says once you’ve decrypted it).  I had assumed they would give it at least 18 months to prove itself under their leadership. Let’s hope they do the right thing and work with The Document Foundation to re-unite the project into a single community.

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  1. Simon,

    Having OpenOffice merge with LibreOffice would be a BADTHING. I’m going to write and post an article today on my site covering my ideas about Free Software Darwinism and why having two competing projects is better for the ecosystem, community, and users, than having a single non-competing project.

    It will be a bit later, I have a sick puppy on my hands, and he comes first.


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