☞ Closed-Attacked-Open

  • This looks bad. Not only has Nokia closed the source code to Symbian, it is pretending there’s no problem. I really hope they fix this fast.
  • This detailed article makes for worrying reading. It details a growing approach to hacking attacks where specific individuals with privileged access to data are targeted for socially engineered attacks and then their computers quietly infested as a gateway to secure systems.
  • The revision of the Mozilla license is drawing to a close. The most recent significant change – making GPL compatibility the default rather than an option – is especially exciting. In my view it makes MPLv2 an excellent license choice for those preferring a less prescriptive approach to software freedom yet still wanting to live at peace with those with a more prescriptive – or proscriptive – outlook.

☝ Balancing Transparency and Privacy

One of the keys to a successful open source community is appropriate transparency. A community with strong values around transparency will also be likely to respect its participants privacy. Such a community will also be unlikely to have a copyright assignment benefiting a commercial party. Read why over on ComputerWorldUK.

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