☂ Delicious Broken AGAIN

Thanks to everyone who has been alerting me to the fact that the same post has been showing up here over & over again. The problem is once again that Delicious has gone crazy and the auto-post task over there is stuck in a state where it constantly respawns. I have reported the problem but their tech support is sadly very thinly staffed (I do wonder if the guy who knows how to fix it even works there any more). If some other service offered blog postings I would switch in a heartbeat.

I have switched off Twitter/Facebook/Identi.ca notifications, but the only way to stop delicious posting is to change my WordPress password and I’m reluctant to do that too early as it breaks lots of other things, and anyway it stops the Yahoo people seeing there is really a problem they need to debug – clearly they didn’t last time it happened.

I just hope Stumbleupon or whoever are buying Delicious know what they are taking on.

☞ Fears Real And Imagined

  • Turns out that the electricity crisis triggered by the multiple tragedies in Japan is the result of never having fixed the standards duality in the power supply that arose from having two strong players in their market claiming their standard needed to be respected and instead of picking one, permitting the “two standards” oxymoron to survive.
  • Caterina (co-founder of Flickr) has an insightful take on the psychological game that social networking plays to get us addicted.
  • Here’s one of the reasons I’m not investing in Blu-Ray. In the name of addressing “piracy”, the movie industry is artificially crippling Blu-Ray so that its most loyal customers are repeatedly punished for buying it. Meanwhile, actual criminals who sell illegal copies of the movies are barely inconvenienced becuase they have access to the raw digital content. Digital restriction measures do nothing to protect the industry and simply harm customers.
  • I was kindly sent a copy of this report, and would warmly recommend it. The opening article, which is the subject of Cory’s item here, is full of discoveries (or at very least full of research-based support for the things I already believed).
  • Excellent (serious) visualisation of the amounts of radiation in the environment and their effects from xkcd. Full of discoveries, worth spending the time to study this.
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