☞ Missing Balance

  • This repeated lack of balance and failure to consider the overall cultural and technical picture of the change the Internet is catalysing is just so bad. Where is the voice speaking up for culture, youth and the individual? Another betrayal of “Yes We Can”.
  • As we expand to support more customers and contribute more to the OpenAM and OpenDJ projects, we need more technical staff. Take a look if you’re based in the Portland OR/Vancouver WA area.

☝ OSI Governance Landmark

OSI Board 2010-11You’ll recall about this time last year I was honoured to join the OSI Board and expressed hopes OSI could move towards representative governance. Well, I spent the weekend in San Francisco at an OSI Board face-to-face meeting (kindly hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation) where we finally agreed to move towards representative governance and also elected a stellar group of new Directors.

Read about it on ComputerWorldUK or the OSI Board Blog.

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