☞ Community Insiders

  • LibreOffice Conference
    Excellent news – LibreOffice will be holding a community conference in Paris in October. I’ll try to attend, maybe I’ll see you there?
  • Interesting interview with Jono that’s worth reading. Naturally he doesn’t go near the really difficult topics like the decision to redirect Amazon commissions from Banshee away from GNOME, but his overall approach to community issues is educational.

☂ Memorable Links

Looking through the list of domain names I’ve acquired over the years, I realised I had a couple that weren’t well used that could be handy for people who want to mention my web site to others. So I’ve just set forwarding on these domains:

  • For those crying “Webmink Us!”, visiting webmink.us will take you to the Events page, as will webmink.me
  • For those saying they need Webmink Info, visiting webmink.info will take you to the About page.
  • For those looking for my articles about software freedom, visiting SoftwareFreedom.net will take you to the Essays page.

There are reminders at the bottom of those pages. Pass it on!

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