✈ San Francisco and The Bay Bridge

I’ve been quite lucky with shots taken from aircraft. My photo of Mount Shasta has been purchased by a publisher as an illustration in a geology textbook, and my photo of the San Francisco Bay salt pans has been used to make fabric for an exhibition in San Jose. I still try to get a window seat if I know I will be traversing interesting areas.

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  1. Simon, if you’ll be out here in the Bay in the future and would like to give a talk at HackerDojo or one of our local LUGs, please send me an email.

    I’m really impressed by OSI’s new cooperation with FSF under your leadership. I suspect that you have taken the initiative to reach out to them. Thanks for your common sense!

  2. Hey, nice! That’s the best shot I’ve ever seen of the distinction between Treasure Island and Yerba Buena.

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