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  • This Privacy International report covers a few of the reasons citizens in surveilled society should avoid Skype. I avoid it for these reasons and more, including:

    • It’s 100% closed – design, interfaces, source – so all four software freedoms are absent
    • I’ve no idea who is tapping it, voice or text
    • It is not possible to add in-stream protection like OTR to fix that
    • Clients are only available where Skype chooses to make them available so the full range of tools is not available to us
    • It’s turning into adware
    • Its use makes users invest less in their own VoIP – lazy loss of freedom by willing slaves
    • It can’t be integrated in a general purpose client effectively so it’s another (huge) process to load
  • There was a time this sort of ignorant, rigged “research” would have been excusable. That time is well past, and the people involved should be ashamed.
  • Pity there’s no option for gift subscriptions. Check out the blog with all the editorial replies.

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  1. I’ve never understood the big attraction for Skype.

    Especially for users who aren’t using it for phone calls but just for audio conferencing over the internet.

  2. […] Skype security weaknesses could endanger ‘vulnerable users’ […]

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