☞ Don’t Panic

  • Amazing they can say all this without noting that the very same technique used by an individual stopped by the TSA/DHS/FBI/DEA would lead to prosecution for obstruction of justice and destroying evidence (and quite possibly a beating).
  • Kodak first showed their hand as patent troll against Sun – a company in which they had previously invested – and have gone on to try to fund their ongoing terminal failure by taking potshots at the success of others. The latest victims are Apple and RIM, and until patent law gets changed this undeserved tax on innovation and success will continue.
  • This article in The H has extensive comments by me that lay our my views pretty well in the context of a useful overall perspective on all that unites the software freedom communities.
  • Very interesting VoIP client which seems to have all the features of Skype but is GPL and available for Windows and Linux too. While some comments I’ve received call it “open core” I can’t see any features in the software that differ between the standard and Pro versions.

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  1. […] all know that someone’s terrorists often are someone else’s freedom fighters. And, as mentioned by Simon Phipps, the U.S. is not doing any better by developing an Internet panic button for […]

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