☆ New Cat

It was with huge sadness that we discovered last month that our cat Toby had died suddenly in a neighbour’s garden. He was young and in perfect condition. He had breakfast, went out to prowl in the sunshine and the next thing we knew was many hours later when we received a call to say he’d been found, perfect, unmarked and dead. The vet said it was most likely a blood clot which had stopped his heart.

That sadness is mitigated by the arrival of a new member of our family today. Our usual cat-provider-of-choice, the Cats Protection League, had a one-year-old stray on their books, and we collected her this evening. T S Eliot-inspired cat-naming is now in full swing. I expect her to be faster and more reliable than any of her predecessors – she is, after all, Cat 6.

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