☝ Open Source Nurtures Innovation

Following on from a blog posting about open source and innovation by Stephen O’Grady, I’ve written about the way open source potentially makes innovation easier and cheaper, over on ComputerWorldUK.

☝ The Problem With Free

UK government procurement is still crippled by the dazzling power of the word “free”, which drowns out appreciation of the true strengths of open source. Read about it in today’s ComputerWorldUK article.

Ending Aggregation

I think it’s time for the aggregator on webmink.net to be closed down. I plan to redirect from there to here starting next week. If you think this would be a bad idea, tell me now!

✈ T-DOSE in Eindhoven

I’m just setting out for Eindhoven in The Netherlands, where I will be delivering the keynote at 10:00 tomorrow (Saturday November 5th) at T-DOSE. I’ll be considering how open source springs from a wider trend that also includes the Occupy* movement, and explaining why businesses should specify software freedom in their procurement activities. I’d love to see you there!

☝ News Roundup

I just posted an open source news roundup over on ComputerWorldUK, covering UK government procurement, Microsoft and Samba, LibreOffice and IBM’s MQTT.  Take a look!

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