☆ New OSI Directors

The OSI Board held a meeting on Friday to fill three vacancies on the Board. This was the first time we have had Affiliate Members, so we decided to ask them to nominate candidates to fill some of the vacancies. They came up with some great candidates, and we voted to have Eclipse’s Mike Milinkovic and Mozilla’s nominee Luis Villa join the board, along with government open source community advocate Deb Bryant. I know and greatly respect all three and I’m delighted to have their collective wisdom and ability on the new Board to help progress the steady shift over to member-based governance.

I will be at the FLOSSUK Spring 2012 conference on Wednesday and Thursday, and speaking on Thursday morning about the changes we’re working through at OSI. If you’ll be there in Edinburgh, come and find me at the Open Rights Group table where I’ll also help you sign up for ORG membership! Alternatively, come to London next Saturday for ORGCon and I’ll see you there instead.

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