GPL: Declining Or Not?

Going where angels fear to tread, I wrote in Infoworld today a summary of the “Is the GPL in decline” debate and come to the conclusion that the use of the GPL remains strong and growing but the business game that was extensively played with in peaked in 2006 and has been declining ever since.

Open Standards Consultation Extended

The Cabinet Office has acted on an undisclosed conflict of interest by adding an extra month. Read more on ComputerWorldUK.

“Open” Standards? OSI Did That In 2006!

Back then, a detailed discussion at the Open Source Initiative – where I am today a director – led to the creation of a statement about what makes a standard open, and a set of criteria for determining if the requirement was met and a standard compliant. Both are very simple as well as fully explained. So why is there even a need for a UK Government Standards Consultation? I discuss in detail on ComputerWorldUK.

Random Memes

Plenty on my mind this week, so to focus I’ve written a quick post on ComputerWorldUK listing some of the things I’m thinking about. A bit random; I’d be interested in feedback on this approach.

Microsoft Does Open Source – Updated

I updated and expanded my speculation about why Microsoft started “Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.” – sadly without any help from them as all their many evangelists and PR people were too shy to talk to me. Read the results on InfoWorld.

☝ All About RAND

What does “RAND” really mean for open source? It’s the key issue in the current UK government standards consultation (which I really ask you to complete). I’ve tried to explain why RAND and open source don’t mix in my article for ComputerWorldUK today.

☂ Welcome to Webmink.Net readers

I finally applied an HTML redirect to Webmink.Net so it brings readers here to Webmink.Com – please update your bookmarks, and welcome!

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