♫ Music Picks, Probably Free

Music picks. Because I like them – Bonobo is best this time.

Loc Title Artist Comments
Global Bright Orange Air Inlets Enjoyable acoustic track with close harmonies and quirky modulations. They are at SXSW Music.
Global Eyesdown(Warrior One Remix) Bonobo Dancing wildly in a darkened room with the bass turned right up. The original track is cute as well, see below.
USA Rocket Goldfrapp This was on my UK list last week, now available for US download as well.
USA Album: Six Degrees Sampler Various Great selection – try listening to Ceu if you’ve not already
UK AlphaMonsterMashUp AlphaBeat Boppy poppy mashup of Lady Gaga tracks, nicely done.

Here’s the original of that Bonobo track:

That’s it for this week, more coming soon.

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