I decided to break out! I was surprised by the reaction I got to my Venice photos, so I decided I would experiment with a separate blog for travel writing and photos. I’ve transferred a few postings from here and will in future probably post travel-related things on Global Mink and just reblog them here like this if it works out well.

The Global Mink

Jailbird by webmink
Bird of Paradise, a photo by webmink on Flickr.

Walking through the Sydney Botanical Gardens (a great place to relax) I was passing the railings around Government House and saw this fugitive from colonial oppression trying to escape, presumably seeking the paradise for which he was intended.

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✈ Behind the façade

The architect who designed this church in Venice (Chiesa di San Vidal) tried to hide the building behind it, but ordinary life goes on behind the façade. There’s an ice cream shop doing brisk business, and the apartments above the shop seem to have no relation to the huge church window on the façade.

So it is everywhere. Religious or secular, business or personal, male or female, gay or straight. No matter how impressive the façade, real life goes on behind it if you look. It has to.

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