A Bad Loser

Donald Trump seems to want us to think he’s an asset to Scotland. All the same, his behaviour there leaves many British people cold. His most recent outburst involved an uncontrolled verbal attack on a brand of scotch whisky because an award they sponsored  honoured Michael Forbes, the man who refuses to sell his land to Trump to allow expansion of his golf resort. The Top Scot award was decided by public vote, not by the distiller or even the event promoter, so exactly why Trump thinks this is appropriate escapes me.

The golf resort in question is already a source of unhappiness for Scots. Trump bought a wild, beautiful Site of Special Scientific Interest and ruined it to create the original resort, as Karine Polwart beautifully illustrates in her song “Cover Your Eyes”:

[youtube http://youtu.be/ELeZmPDdFPE]

If you can’t bring yourself to buy a few bottles of Glenfiddich to express your contempt for this attempted bullying, consider buying Karine’s fantastic album Traces instead (UK|US) – Karine and the album are both shortlisted for the BBC Folk Awards.

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